Trapped Escaped Rooms offer a team building experience different to any other, the course has been specifically designed for us by a qualified behavioural analyst who has 15 years’ experience in the health and social care sector running and improving large teams.

Training has been provided for the Prison Service, The Police, Local Councils, Veterinary Associations and Care Companies, (to name just a few) to support increasing knowledge, understanding and supporting other team members whilst learning how to work as an effective team.

The team building we offer is a full day course which includes the individual experience of staff members working together to achieve a common goal : ESCAPING FROM OUR ROOMS.

Staff will have the opportunity to

Learn what makes an effective team
Identify leaders amongst a group
Understand group behaviour
Importance of team roles
Understand communication and its importance
How to lead a team
Understand individual styles and roles (team dynamics)
Sharpen your teams efficiency and understand goal setting
Practice and discuss how to problem solve
Work well under pressure
Show types of teams and the characteristics of effective teams
Evaluate the team’s performance

Once staff have had the opportunity to learn some of the above techniques, they will then have a second opportunity to complete a different escape room, use the skills they have gained to improve their performance as an effective team.


The full day course starts at 9:30am, break for an hour lunch at 12:30pm and finish at 4pm. This package includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day. The minimum participants for this course are 8 per day and maximum is 24 per day. Both escape rooms are played by all participants. This course involves an in depth understanding of team building.

I cant stress enough what a unique team building exercise this is, and we are the only company offering this in Gloucestershire. We guarantee staff will leave feeling more able to support each other, more equipped to be able to see what problems they have and to plan how to tackle these problems.

If you’re interested in this unique combination of theory and fun on a team building day please contact us on 01452 642 647 or email us at