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Games for Home

Online Experiences

Exciting online escape games to play at home!

A brand new online escape game!

  • Up to six players can play this hilarious movie themed online game.

  • Play through four distinct movie zones: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Adventure and Action.

When Doctor Flik van Hollywood's all-immersive Quantum Projector malfunctions. It's up to you, a pluck band of new recruits to stop the wormholes bridging our universe, with the movie universe!


Escape Games in a Box

Take the fun of the escape room to the living room table!

Why not try these newly available Escape Games in a box? Bring all the fun of a live escape experience to your living room table. Perfect for a rainy day in or an evening of puzzle-solving fun! 

Free UK delivery or available at the venue- ask your Games Master for more information.

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