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Escape Rooms

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You have sixty minutes to complete your mission and escape the room!

save Christmas

family friendly- Recommended for ages 6+ 

Santa needs your help!!! The naughty elf Butterball has got into his house and put all the good children's names on the naughty list!!  You need you to follow Santas clues and put your name back on the good list and save Christmas. 

* Book Now from December 1st 
* 2-5 Players in a team
* 30 minute Escape Room
* Under 16's must be accompanied by an adult



family friendly- MINIMUM AGE IS 8+ YEARS

The world is overrun by The Tyrant Virus. Zombies walk the land. The only man who could possibly save us, Dr Gunter, has gone missing. 

It's up to you, scientists, to enter his secret lab and complete the doctor's work!


The only problem? The zombies have found you and the clock is ticking...


Butcher Wix.png




You have been abducted by the notorious cannibal serial killer "The Butcher." You have awoken in his dark basement, tired and weary. 


If you don't escape within sixty minutes, well, you may just be his next meal.

This room is not too scary but may contain themes not suited to everyone.

Do get in touch with any questions.

Alien Abduction.png

Alien Abduction

family friendly- MINIMUM AGE IS 8+ YEARS

You and your friends take a long awaited camping trip in the woods. But after hearing strange noises and a bright flash of light you awaken in a strange prison. 

You have been abducted by aliens and must escape their UFO. Can you learn to use alien technology and unlock the mysteries of their spaceship?

Please note: At least one of the group will need to crawl and be in a confined space for a short period. (They can get out at any time)

Coming Soon

We're designing some exciting new rooms coming later this year!

Magic School

magic school 800x600 top text.jpg

A storm is brewing and the Enchanted Forest will soon be destroyed and lost forever.

Somewhere in the forest you'll find the magic school, here you'll learn the spells you need to save the forest from destruction.

But hurry, after sixty minutes all hope will be lost!

Includes updates about Magic School as well as offers and discounts on all our rooms.

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