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Q. What is the maximum/minimum team size for each game?

A. Alien Abduction and The Butcher Rooms are for teams of 2-6 Players. Zombie Apocalypse is for 2-7 Players. 


Q. How much does a game cost?

A. Prices are per person 

2 Players = £30pp​

3 Players = £28pp

4 Players = £26pp

5 Players = £24pp

6 Players = £22pp

7 Players = £22pp (Zombie Apocalypse ONLY)

Q. Are the rooms Wheelchair Accessible?

A. Unfortunately the escape rooms are located on the first floor and we have no access to a lift which makes our games not wheelchair accessible. 

Q. Are your rooms scary?

A. Our 3 rooms are not designed to be horror experiences, Zombie Apocalypse is a family friendly game, which will have dark periods and light jump scares, if you don't want this to happen please inform your Games Host on arrival. The Butcher has a sinister atmosphere which some players may find thematically intense. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Q. Is there an age restriction?

A. Recommended minimum age is 8 years old, Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. It is up to parents of children to ensure the room chosen is thematically appropriate. More information is available on request.

Q. Can I cancel my booking or reschedule?

A. There is a cancellation period of 24 hours from when a transaction is complete that games may be cancelled. However, this is a live event game, and once the booking is confirmed and the cancellation period has expired, we cannot accept any cancellations, or give any refunds. However you can reschedule the game for another time by giving us at least 7 day's notice for an admin fee of £10. If any of your party has symptoms of Covid-19 please contact us as soon as possible, in the first instance we will look to reschedule your game. Rescheduled games following non attendance will be entirely at our discretion and will incur a fee as per our terms and conditions.

Q. What time should I arrive?

A. Please arrive 15 minutes before your booked session for your briefing and introduction. If you are late, then this will eat into your game time, and will give you less time in the room.

Q. Can I take a photo or record video in the room?

A. This is not allowed as it will reveal many of the tricks, puzzles and solutions to the public and it will spoil the game. For this reason we have baskets to put mobile phones, cameras and any other belongings into. This basket will be taken into the room with you.

Q. Where is Trapped Escape Rooms?

A. We are located at 1A Longsmith St, Gloucester, GL1 2HJ.


Q. Is there a car park?

A. There is an NCP Car Park directly next to our building.

Q. Can I purchase a gift voucher?

A. Yes, Click the BOOK NOW button and it will take you to the game booking page. The gift voucher option is at the bottom. You can book any game up to 6 months in advance however, they must be redeemed within 6 months or the voucher will expire.

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