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A Team building day like no other

Team building.jpg

Supercharge your team building day. Test your teamwork and leadership skills by escaping our rooms!

Team Meeting

Our Company Day will test:

- Problem Solving

- Team Communication 

- Creative Thinking

- Efficiency and Goal Achievement

- Team Dynamics

All in an exciting an innovative

escape game experience!

Ring of Light Bulbs

We've partnered with a qualified behavioural

analyst with 20 years of experience helping

teams work better together to bring you

our unique course.

What a day could look like:


Team arrives/introductions

Team plays one of our rooms under the supervision of our facilitator. 


(provided by us)


Based on performance in the first room, our facilitator will give a seminar tailored to improving your team's skills and encouraging them to work as best they can.


Your teams will  take on a new room using the skills they have learned in a practical setting.

Key facts​

Our team days are for between 6 - 19 participants .

The day runs between 9:30am-4pm with lunch for an hour at 12:30pm.

All participants will play two rooms and take part in the seminars. 

This is a unique experience unavailable elsewhere in the area!

Sounds good to you? Enquire with your company name, number of participants and contact details, and one of our friendly advisors will get in touch.

Fitness Team
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