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The Full Story

We have decided to do something CRAZY.... Give Pizza away to all you lovely escape artists for all new 60 minute escape room bookings. We have teamed up with the fabulous PIZZA GO GO on Southgate St to give you this great offer!! To book use the code "FREEPIZZA" at checkout!!! Then on arrival, let your Games Host know what flavour Pizza you want and it will be ready for you straight after your game. You can eat it on site or take it home with you. 


* Only Available for teams of 4-7

* Only Available from 5pm - 7 days a week

* 2 x 15" Large Pizzas (10 Slices) for teams of 4 & 5

* 3 x 15" Large Pizzas (10 Slices) for teams of 6 & 7

* Deep Pan or Thin Crust

* 30 minute escape room SAVE CHRISTMAS is not available for this offer

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