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What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is a themed experience where you enter a room filled with puzzles, clues and intrigue.

By solving the puzzles you'll unlock the mystery of the room and finally be able to escape!

Helping you will be a friendly Games Master, they'll guide you through your time here with us and can even send you a hint or two if you need it.

However, working against you is the sixty minute timer. Can you escape before your time is up?

About Trapped

Trapped Escape Rooms is the only escape room venue operating in the centre of Gloucester! 

We offer three exciting rooms: Alien Abduction, Zombie Apocalypse and The Butcher and are currently creating a new experience: Magic School  (coming this year!)

We pride ourselves on our friendly service and our ability to create a fantastic experience you're sure to remember.

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Contact Us

1A Longsmith St



Phone: 07402484898



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